Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Europe Travel - Germany,Italy,Switzerland

Hi All Travelers,

I am back this time with my Europe tour for first time. Here I will be covering few cities in Europe which are very famous and tourist attractions.

1. Germany : Stuttgart,Berlin
2. Switzerland : Interlaken, Jungfrau (Top of Europe)
3. Italy : Venice,Rome

Before we begin our journey few tips:

1. Plan your visiting countries journey well before
2. Accordingly decide the route and places to visit.
3. Then decide which Euro-rail pass suits for you
4. Enjoy the ecstatic places

Don't forget to have a good passport and money holder with you all the time. Do never ever leave it anywhere.Euro's are accepted almost everywhere. You can also carry VISA or MASTER-CARD for safety. You will find Indian and Chinese hotel in almost all parts of Europe.

One of good ways to see the places is to take city guided tour bus. It will cost around 10-20 euro's but will be really helpful. You can hop on and hop off at any stop and can really explore the city.

My visits to all the cities were for only one day. So I used to find all the places I wanted a week before from internet. You can always get locker, shower, tourist information facility at railway station. Follow Lock, WC, i symbols to reach there.

About train journey, I must say that it is the best in class. You can plan for connecting trains with difference of few minutes. Trains are very spacious, clean and accurate.

Cautions of India citizens:
1. Follow the queues. Nobody will complain if you don't but no need to show Indian attitude.
2. While walking or driving keep right.
3. Don't throw any garbage and don't spit

Enough of talk now. Rest you can see by yourself. Enjoy!!!

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