Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tailbaila Climbing - My First Climb


I, Shridhar Purandare ,am back with one more trekking and rock climbing destination for travelers and that place is Telbaila.

This will be my first photo blog. We did this trek in Nov 2008. First of all I will provide you with some preface of Telbaila ...

Region : Mulshi
Height : 3322 ft (above MSL)
Base Village : Telbaila

Telbaila is basically a watch tower built to guard over the Sahwashni ghat near Pali. Very good rock patch for amateur climbers.

We left early morning for TelBaila with our bikes. Not knowing the road condition ahead we were enjoying the Ambe Valley Road.

Few such boards converted our grinning faces into full scale laughing riots.

We started our journey to the base. We just hovered discovering the route. Then decided to lay out our own route. So we fixed straight line between us and the base and followed that line.

Laughing, teasing, casting insults, clicking the moments and admiring landscapes we moved on.

As it was my first rock climbing trek I was pretty much excited. I was leading our way to base.
No matter what blocked our way we climbed up through it.

After canvassing the climbing route of left inner wall , I decided to lead the climb.

Climb was medium on the scale of toughness. With help of my height it was easy for me.

As everybody else I also was feared of falling. But with adequate safety we made sure that the fall will be safe. I climbed up further and we gained most important part of climbing confidence.

It was huge achievement for me !!! Adrenaline rushing through my body it was great fun ... My friends were continuously cheering me from bottom and all important supporting me with the rope.

Now it was time for second guy Dhawal to climb up... He is very strong in climbing and climbed up easily while I was evaluating my climb.

Next mission was to descend down. I was very comfortable with rappelling so it was piece of cake for me.

After everybody came down safely it was time to celebrate. "Hip Hip Hurrayyyyyyyyyy" ...
" Woooooooooooooooooo" Jubilance could have been easily seen on our faces.

We spent some time clicking ravishing looks of Sahyadri range. You glare at Konkan region from the top.

Now it was time to move back to Pune. Accomplishments were endless, freshness that this trek provided us was eternal and memories were gratifying.

When we looked back it was feeling that I can not describe in words ..You only can understand it when you do it... ;)

As always you can contact me for queries and information. Comments/Suggestions are expected. :)

Shridhar Purandare


  1. Nice one purya! This post describing your first rock climbing attempt refreshed my memories when I did my first rock climbing! :)

    The pic of rock at the end emits the frequency of difficult level and suggests it wasn't just another rock to climb.:)

    Good work mavericks!

  2. Sahi...
    Mala pan karayache aahe...feeling much inspired after reading this...

  3. Hi Shridhar! THAT SOUNDS! Cud u plz arrange 1 climbing activity for amateurs like us who hv desire but no platform? Dhananjay NIGDI, Pune +91 9822394670

  4. To view pics of Sahyadri forts, old temples & caves which I have clicked in Maharashtra, Goa & Karnataka, please visit the link

  5. Hello Shridhar,

    Great bolg and i really like the whole beauty of climbing.I am ardent fan of sahyadri and do want to have rock climbing as u did....Can you please arrange any such rock climb for trekkers like us..Yashodip 9881734290 Pune


  6. Guys on case you need a guide sharing the number below... Charges in between 400 to 500. And its worth it!!
    Dinkar 8956663414
    In case you need a car from shendi to ratanwadi base (point where you start the trek) or any arrangements related to tents then you can call pradeep +91 98 69 519847. Tried thw car service not the accomodation...

  7. Can it be climbed without climbing gear.??



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