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Prachitgad and Kandhar Doh -- Grand Jungle Marathon Trek

Hi, Welcome my most thrilling jungle trek. I and Shrikant planned in few days. We bot were having the week free. First we thought about Salher and Salota but finally decided to go for Prachitgad and Kandhar doh.

Some information for trekkers:
1. Money: about Rs.1000 for guides + food + petrol
2. Village to start: Pune -> Koyna Nagar- > Patharpunj (trek starts from here) It can also be started from Konkan region.
3. Maps: Maps are not available. Local guide is compulsory.
4. Things to carry: 3 lits water, Food items for two days, full track pants, medicines and tent for living.
5. Name and number for the guide is not available.

Prachitgad (also known as Uchitgad or Rangna) is a in the Sahyadri mountain range in Maharashtra, India. It covers an area of 5 acres.

* 1 Location
* 2 History
* 3 Major Features
* 4 Battles Fought Here


It is located within Ratnagiri district at Shringarpur. The closest city is Devrukh which is 19 km away. Patharpunj is located 18kms away. This Fort comes in Chandoli forest reserve in Sangli district.

Its exact date of establishment is not known but it dates to before 1500 CE.

It has an outer wall and an inner wall. The outer wall is still intact while the inner wall is in ruins. There is a well, a temple and five guns within the fort. It can only be accessed by means of a ladder. many water cisterns available with clean water available throughout the year.

It was the scene of battle between the Marathas and the British in 1818, at which the British won.

Enjoy our journey !!!!


  1. Hey Shridhar..
    too good photoj & description ~~~
    We are planning to go over there in Dec end covering Sada,Prachitgad,Bhairavgad n Kandardoh ! Would like to have more details.. could pls mail me @
    Thnks !!

  2. 1 no photo
    sahi yar gooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddd

  3. Hi Shridhar,
    Nice Photos.
    We friends are planning to visit kandardoh when we are visiting chandoli NP. can you provide us route details to reach Kandardoh? My Mail ID is


  4. Hi shridhar ,
    Nice photos ,need information regarding from which base village one can reach prachitad ,n how far it is from ratnagiri ,kandhar doh.
    would like to have more details mail me on

  5. Hi shridhar,
    This is Salvi kaka from our AMK trek. Fantastic description and pictures! Keep it up

  6. Hello shridhar,

    just correct 1 thing. PrachitGad is not known as RANGANA, its a different fort altogether near Kolhapur from Ghatmatha and Sawantwadi from kokan.
    in case of querries on any treks feel free to mail at


  7. For more information just google prachitgad and you will find few good blogs with good information ...

  8. Hi Shridhar Can u please tell me the route for prachit gad

  9. Maps will not work in this area. Compulsory guide is needed.
    As forest is very dense. And lots of wild animals r thr.
    Plan is reach Patharpunj as early as possible in morning.
    Start with Prachit - Kandhar Doh- Bhairavgad - Jangli Jaigad.
    It will take 3 days.

  10. Hi Shridhar,
    Is there any plan for Prachitgad trek by "Inventure" in this Nov. 2010?
    If not i am planning to go alone, ofcourse with guide, Mr. bhaskar of Patherpunj. Can you pass on some details to:
    Ashok Salvi

  11. Hi Shridhar,

    My name is Khalid Shaikh. I am from Chiplun. But right now i am out of India. After watching your blog i also wanted to go for this trek. I never done treking before. Can help me giving detail information and maps, necessary things to be carried, name or address of known guid by u and approximatlly how much money i should cary with me. Else othere details like start from where, etc. Please if you can mail me the above details at,

    I will be really thank full for your help. Thanx in Advance.

    Khalid Shaikh

  12. Hello,

    Is the route from Patharpunj blocked now?
    Could you send more information abt the trek route to


  13. Excellent pics and information , Thanks.....

  14. Thank you,shridhar but i want local guide details. can you provide at

  15. नमस्कार.
    माझे नाव संजीत पेंढरकर.
    मी पुण्यात कार्वेनगरास राहतो.

    आपली छायाचित्रे पहिली. अतिशय उत्कृष्ठ आहेत.
    तुमची एखादी टोळी आहे का गिरीभ्रमंतीची? असल्यास मला त्यात सामील होण्यास आवडेल..
    माझा भ्रमणध्वनी क्रमांक - ९९ २२ १३ ६३ ५०.
    कृपया आपलाही कळवावा.

  16. Hi Shridhar,

    I am planning to trek for the Prachitgad fort.
    I need to talk with you. My contact is 08758992073 &

    1. सध्या कोणालाही अभयारण्यातून जाण्यास परवानगी नाही. वन कर्मचारी पकडतात. तरी धोका पत्करू नये. त्याऐवजी संगमेश्वर शृंगारपूर मार्गे 740 मीटर्स ची चढण चढून जावे, शृंगारपूर येथे विनायक म्हसके हे व्यावसायिक गाइड राहतात. त्यांच्याशी संपर्क साधावा.

  17. शृंगारपुरातील विनायक म्हस्के यांचा संपर्क नंबर मिळाला तर नक्की कळवावे.

  18. शृंगारपुरातील विनायक म्हस्के यांचा संपर्क नंबर मिळाला तर नक्की कळवावे.

  19. शृंगारपुरातील विनायक म्हस्के यांचा संपर्क नंबर मिळाला तर नक्की कळवावे.

  20. Please let us know the number of Mr. vinayak Mhaske.

    The route is not accessible now as the entire area is declared as core area for sahyadri tiger reserve.

    Just had been there in chandoli national park a couple of days ago for wildlife census operations 2016 and confirmed that the route is not allowed.

    for more info, email me on



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