Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Malshej Waterfall Rappelling -- Most scenic rappelling ever

Hi, I, Shridhar Purandare am back with the most scenic rappelling extravaganza i.e. Malshej Waterfall Rappelling.

InVenture endeavors hits new milestone by completing this very scenic still very dangerous venture near Nagar district. This Malshej waterfall is situated near Pimpalgaon dam on Kalu river.

Height of waterfall is about 1300ft which is distributed amongst 5 patches. All these patches are very much challenging for even experts. While you rappel down you see most scenic views of Sahyadri with Harishchandragad range. Waterfall will always accompany you till very end of last patch.

This was first huge pilot event that InVenture was going for in year 2009. We all were very confident of doing it though. I, personally am very confident of rappelling as I have done it 10s of times. So I decided to to lead our campaign.

We carried food,water,ropes, petzl equipments, helmets and walkies. We made sure we followed all security measures that can be followed. We left Pune by 6am and reached Khubi at 10am. We trekked to top of Mashej waterfall in half an hour. Now it was time for rope fixing.

Within few minutes we fixed our first rope .. while I was getting ready for rappelling. Rappelling first is very dangerous task as there is no one to control if you lose your grip over the rope. On overhang if you start circling then its nightmare. Because the speed of circulating gets fast and you will get unconsious in few minutes. So you also have tio maintain calm and give feed to rope. When doing first patch I was also supposed to remove the loose rocks on the way. On the overhang I started cuirculating and I sensed urgency to reach the bottom. After few 10s of circles my head started feeling giddy. It did not stop me from feeding the rope. Afterf ew minutes I reached to bottom. As soon as my feet touched surface of 1st patch, I was the happiest person on the earth. I rested for few minutes and gained total control over my body.

Now it was time for others to rappell down. My role was changed to controller of their descend. We repeated for next patch. With 2.5 kg of chicken and few crabs our night was full of yummie cusines. With the waterfall few 10ft from us we went to bed. We did repeate the same on next day. Chilling out in the huge swimming tanks was additional work that we did. By late noon we reached Thitabi where our bus was waiting for us. With lunch cum dinner we returned to Pune by 10pm.

Now enjoy the photos and videos of Malshej Waterfall Rappelling.

One more thing to mention. Mani Ratnam movie Ravana's shooting , starring Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan, has been carried out in his area. The spot which was amazing few months back is converted into hell like a thing. The are which was surrounded by jungle is now made accessible by road. They have created road till the end. Trees ans surroundings taking a toll. Cement,plaster and many such things have been left at that place. Big damage ha been done to place already.
The producer should take this matter seriously and clear all that mess up. We just hope that all forest permissions were taken to break those trees and destroying jungle.

Some company from Mumbai is also building dam on the way back to Thitabi village. So may be in next 2-3 years this waterfall will not exist. We are fortunate enough to see and rappel this place many times.

If you want to do this venture with us .. feel free to contact us.

Shridhar Purandare

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  1. Really very thrilling & exciting time. very well explained i visualized the same, thinking i had been there. cool pics as well ;)



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