Monday, March 8, 2010

Dhak Bahiri Trek -- Easy but Tricky

Hi Trekkers,

From long time I was suppose to do Dhak trek. Due to misfortune and bad luck I always missed it. This time I decided to do it in any cost. The date 6th March was fixed. Hrishya told me that he will join me. I was happy because he has done Dhak 4 times before, removing need to hire any guide. J

Some details about the fort


Dhak Bahiri




Hill Cave



Height above mean sea level

2300 feet

Base Village

Jambhivali ( From Pune) Sandashi (From Mumbai)

Minimum Duration

1 Day




Kalyan to Karjat by road/rail, Karjat to Sandshi by bus.

Pune to Kamshet by bus, Kamshet to Jambhivali by jeep

Time to reach the top

About 3 hrs from the base

Water Availability

Water cistern are available at the top

Best season to visit

October to April

Sights to visit


Difficulty Rating



Caves at the top

Our Route and Timing

Talegaon (6 am) – Jambhivali (8am) – Dhak Cave (9.30am) – (Rest for an hour) – Back to Jambhivali(11.30am) – Back to Talegaon( 12.15pm) – Swimming in Indrayani (12.30 pm)

Trek details

The path to the cave is amazing, presenting views of Dukes Nose and Rajmachi. We do pass one small pinnacle on right as we descend last time to deal with tricky rock patch. One fatal mistake will be the last mistake of your life on this patch. Adequate safety is provided on the route. But if you have Acrophobia (fear of height) then this is the place where you can conquer it!!!!

Fall of 100 feet is on you left as you do the traverse and rock climb. Hardly few inch of ground to make contact and take grip. Be careful and you will enjoy the patch. We completed it in 15 minutes while ascend and 10 minutes while descend.

I am dying to do it in Monsoon!!! Enjoy the pics now ...

Tip: You can chant "Dhakachya Bhairiche Changabhale" while you cover the rockpatch which will make you feel safer.

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  1. Hey Shridhar,

    Is it good/safe to trek to Dhak Bhairi in June and July during the rains ?

  2. जर कुणी धाक ला जात असेल तर ...मला २ झाडू द्यायचे आहेत .तिथ ठेवायला ..साफ सफाई साठी ......९८६०८२०७२३



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