Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bhigwan Bird Watching

Hi All,

This was the first time when I enjoyed watching 10s of different and beautiful species of birds specially Greater Flamingo, that too not far from my home in Pune.

Bhigwan is a small dusty town on the border of Pune and Solapur district in Central Maharashtra. Bhigwan is located on the Pune-Solapur Highway. The distance between Pune city center and Bhigwan is 105 km. One can travel to bhigwan by various means of transportation.

How to Reach Bhigwan ?? 1) State Transport Buses bound for Solapur and onwards from Pune take you to Bhigwan in 3.5 hours. The obvious advantage of ST bus, is that one need not drive. However Bhigwan is a vast area. The birding spots are as far away as 10 to 15 kms from Bhigwan main town. So this mode is not convenient. Some of the Solapur/Chennai bound fast trains stop at Bhigwan. There are couple of trains which start from Pune at early dawn and will take you to Bhigwan by early morning ( 2 hour travel time). Check time table for the details. 2) The next possible option is obviously personal car or vehicle. This mode of transport is the best. In personal vehicle one can carry complete Photography kit. for example,laptop can be carried to download images when cards are full etc. However there is one issue with the car or personal vehicle. Important birding locations are located at about 10 kms from Bhigwan. The roads are very narrow. For example road from Diksal to Bhilarwadi Sugar factory (The main Birding road) is very narrow. It is simply not possible to do free birding as one can not halt the car on this road arbitly. Also the Babhli bushes are having thorns which rub against your precious car outer surface damaging the paint of car. So if you are taking car here, forget about the paint. One has to park vehicle at convenient parking spot and walk. Road to Dalaj-Kumbharwadi area of Bhigwan is bit car friendly. 3) For the more adventurous guys, two wheeler can be used to reach this place from Pune. Though bit unsafe, the distance can be covered in less than 3.5 hours as the road is flat with medium traffic. Two wheeler is very convenient to cover the vast Bhigwan area. However one should not take two wheeler on road/way in marshy area around water body or river.

We are not experts hence do not know the names and origins about the birds. Its just that we like to see birds in their natural habitat.Following blog explains and contributes to most of my blog content. You can find lot of information and bird names there. Very well written blog by Vivek Kale.

Now enjoy our immature pics.

If you need any information or want to plan a trip there , you can contact me.

Shridhar Purandare


  1. hi ,
    i am thinking to go to bhigwan ...nice information i got ...:)

  2. am planning to go alone or jus with company of my friend by bike this sunday. could you please give suggestions to go for timings and mainly let me know can i get flemingos snaps as it is ending time. Please mail me at, or if it is possible, just msg me at 8600379996. i vl call back.
    thank you!




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