Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What trekking taught me..

hi ...

I am Shridhar Purandare one of the million trekkers.I live in pune.Pune's outskirts are having many of the best trekking spots in India.So I proud and thank God for placing in Pune.You may wonder what special I am writing here.Nothing special I am gonna write whatever I have learn from trekking in past year.

From last year I started trekking and by experiences I got from many treks help me to do better in my life.And this made me think about how I learned those things.So now I am gonna share it with you.

My first trek was of Nanheghat rapelling.It was a night trek.I was fully prepared as it was rainy season.Jeans,raincoat,mobile,torch etc etc.I was felling like profesional.When we stated or trek at 2am I was already in deep trouble.As raincote and jean was making me tiresome after every few steps. I was getting first lesson. Do carry what is needed.When we started to walk further it was steap inclinations full of rocky path.Now with all cloths on I was parted from my frnds.Now I was with torch and 1 litre of water.It was all dark.I was frustrated with weight of my cloths.I was tired and thrusty.Water was finishing.It was time for next lesson.
Do not get frustrated in critical conditions. Never lose your thought process. Then I removed raincote and jean , filled them into my sack. Now I was feeling pritty fresh and lighter.In this process I lost my torch.Then I tried to find it out in light of my mobile.And luckily I got it.Finally with frnds gone way ahead I started walking .With some water in and light feeling I covered all distance and reached the spot just 15mins after my frnds.

Now it was time for rapelling ( going down in valley with help of rope).I was doing it first time and that too in my first trek.Same was the conditions with many of my frnds. We all decided not to do it. As hanging 1000ft above the vally is not a joke.With wind flowing 40kmph its herculine task. Then I thought driving in pune is as dengerous as rapelling :). When its either to do or not to do I prefer first as it may your last chance to do it in your whole life .So we all decide to do it.

Man that was one of finest experiences I had uptil that time( now i can say that :)) .When you see nature mother from her inside she is beautiful.From that time on I decide to do a lot of trekking regularlly as it makes me relaxed ,fresh for day to day life. It makes me pass some quality time with frnds,nature mother and with me .

So that was my first experience trekking in Sahyadri.Hope you find it worth enjoying by yourself.Expecting your such experiences and comments.




  1. Congrats for starting this blog and sharing your experiences.
    Keep writing and trekking :)

  2. very true.nature is beautiful,mystifying and scary at the same time.The more you connect to nature the more u connect to urself and ur life.There is a lot to learn from it!!



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