Monday, June 9, 2008

River rafting -- At kundalika River

River rafting -- At kundalika River

It was all Green, WaiT, FresH, Rainy, CloudY and spectacular from Chandani Chauk to Our river rafting site and back.

This time it was river rafting at kundalika river.And in just start of monsoon.But we experienced complete monsoon welcome from nature.Stating who is the superior.

We left Chandani Chauk by go to kundalika river through tamhani ghat and vile village.tamhani ghat was awesome last time through open tempo safari and this time in night it was scary, raining and lonely.

When we reached the camp site it was 2.30 am.We sent all participants into respective tents and we all instructors went into other one.It was just when we rest our back the rain started and lasted till next morning.It was awesome experience spending whole night in tent with whole lot of roaring noise of rain around you.But our tents were so beautifully placed that no water hint came in.We only wake up next morning by one of our instructors.

The feeling was like we were stuck to our bed :) our back were not ready to stand. But we wake up and went through the work of camp.All participants were happy with the surroundings. Full coconut trees , below tents.. chai - poha in morning made them feel of heaven. View of kundalika river on left and canal from dam on right was amazing.

Water depth was about 2-5 feet everywhere and participants were asking where to raft. At 10 am siren banged from dam. And suddenly tsunami in the canal came with about 40-kmph (its true...).It was giving memories of tsunami before.The force was scary for us but for rafters it was very good.And in about 10 minutes water level rose to 15-20 feet everywhere.With a great flow participants started rafting.It took them 3 hours to cover 12km patch including Rajdhani express patches and some steady flows.

There was Buttermilk , Watermellons and Gavathi Mangoes to serve their efforts of rafting.What a treat!!!!!!!!!. When they were rafting we were fixing ropes , teasing each other ( eating was a continuous process for me) and swimming in gr8 flow of dam water. When participants came we served them delicious lunch.They all were drowned completely by exercise they got from rafting. All of them were dreaming eat - sleep pattern. And thanks what we gave them.

There were also arrangements for Volleyball , FreezBees, rings and footballs.Burma bridge , parallel ropes were there. Ladder climbing was special for many of them.It was very tough for many and piece of cake for others.We were used to shake the ropes which make them scream humorously.

After all that participants were leaving for their respective destinations and we were waiting eagerly for evening siren to jump in the dam flow...At around 7pm siren blow and we were ready with life jackets to stream into the flow.And man the scene was awesome.Full rain .. cold water .. and life jackets.. with gr8 hot dinner waiting for us.... what a way to spend weekend... Volleyball in rain was very tough as everyone was dying actually to get the points .. for everyone it was prestigious..

These are my some of fabulous years in 22 years life. Enjoying the mature thorough....
Hope you like my trek writings...
See ya in next one..
Till then..

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  1. River rafting is not only an exciting or adventurous sport but also gives you a chance to have good bonds with your family.



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